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ROI - Results Oriented Intelligence

In business, we are always talking about the bottom line. However, most businesses, are not as business savvy as they could be, and tend to get sold on the "Bling" of a new website or website design company.

Unfortunately for many of my past clients, and for you, this limits the amount of websites I can show you, as many of my clients have seen pretty pictures from my competitors and wound up going out of business because of that decision.

Before explaining our different view on website development and why our focus on ROI is not only a great return on your investment, but a results oriented intelligence that really does what we say, I'd like to let you know who you will be working with

Ryan Cramer - Website Developer and SEO

My name is Ryan Cramer, and I am the lead developer, SEO, and online marketing consultant at Effective Website. If you want to get some non-computer background on me, head over to The BAM Effect. In any relationship, it helps to know who you are dealing with.

Most people forget New Jersey is the Garden State, so when I tell people I grew up on a farm, they get confused. But this instilled a great work ethic in me that continues to this day. As the son of two teachers, education was important, but that did not make me a professional student - I love learning new things.

I've been quoted as saying "I hate computers, I'm just good at them", and by the age of 7 I had written several programs for fun and to help family with the growing Personal Computer craze. After high school I took a break from education, but after a few years, I started dabbling in computers again and wound up going back to school and graduated head of my class for computer programming.

By this time, I had created a few small websites, but it hadn't caught on how important websites would be, so I worked for the Department of Defence in programming and logistics support. Although my education did not prepare me for the systems they used, I quickly learned and became the go to guy for program development and instruction.

As jobs got scarce, I switched from programming to web development and moved to Florida. I quickly understood what it took to get a site created and placed in the search engines, and started my own website company in Bunnell and went door to door. Outside of my cubicle, I didn't know how to "sell" websites, but within 3 months, I had more business than I could handle - but loved interacting and learning about marketing.

I don't like computers, I'm just good at them! Ryan Cramer

Since then, companies have come and gone, and I have worked inhouse with several local businesses, totalling over 1000 websites created both directly and through systems that I have developed. I've consulted for nearly 500 websites and online businesses, taught classes with IT and web developers throughout the company, and was a guest speaker in multiple SEO multi-cast online seminars.

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A Team Effort

Working as a freelance web developer over the past decade and a half, I've learned that with all the skills I've developed and became an expert at, it is truly a team effort. In the past 10 years in Palm Coast, I've had the opportunity to meet some exceptional local people that I include as team associates to build a group that excels in the computer field. Local people that I trust to help me help you with your computer and website needs.

Over the past year, I've taken a break from freelancing and all other work to develop a suite of programs to create dynamic, high yielding websites, so I could create the Effective CMS and Effective Website Solutions that we bring to you now.

I look forward to helping you build your business both online and off.

-Ryan Cramer

Website Results

We encourage you to read all of the resources and other main pages on this site. Although this may not clearly show our level of expertise, here is some of the past websites, and the results that are accomplished.

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Website Portfolio

El Wingador Sauce (Not Available) 6 Time Wing-Eating Champion, Bill "El Wingador" Simmons created his own chicken wing sauce. After several months of trying to get content for this client, we sampled his sauce, and over night a highly inspired 20 page website was developed. As one of the first professional websites, we learned that inspiration and personal touch is a main ingredient to creating an effective website. (Not Available) A small travel business in Ormond Beach Florida had a few decent web sites. Mainly focusing on Orlando (, they had some good success. Testing a strategy, we borrowed their website which had no visitors, and a week after redevelopment, the Florida website out-performed the focussed Orlando domain. Within a year, this strategy developed into Trip2Earth, a proprietary system of websites, databases, search engines, and management, that increased leads 500% within one month managing over 800 domains and subdomains. Although the developers at Google tried to recruit us, we wanted to stay local, and in the second month, the $500/day advertising bill was entirely shut off. When the owner had gotten more leads than they knew what to do with, they asked us to turn off the advertising, to which we replied - there have been no ads on for 3 months! We actually had break the site in order to reduce the leads to a level their call center could handle. (Not Available) During the time of Groupon, a local Palm Coast entrepreneur developed the concept of having online coupons for local businesses. We developed an easy to use system for the company and their business customers to create ads and a one page mini-website. After the contract was done, a competitor moved the domain onto another server and that concept failed. However, Google was placing the pages as an IP address with over 3000 pages in the top results for 6 months until the old server was turned off - so much for the importance of a domain name!

Flagler Movers Local Palm Coast moving company, owned by Carmine Lania, saw that competitors like U-haul had a website, and wanted a piece of that action. Within a month, without any maintenance, held the top position for all local moving search results and kept that position for over 6 years, until the website was redeveloped.

RL Computer Solutions Previously in Palm Coast and recently moved to St. Augustine, FL, RL Computer Solutions is a IT/Networking/Security Computer Service. Actually designed and produced during a business party, within a week, they started getting calls. Up until then, it was basically referral based. For 7 years, this website has had top placement for local computer security and networking - again with no updates or follow through. Another local travel company with over 10,000 pages, had a web developer who didn't do follow up. Not only was this a Wordpress site that had not been properly maintained, it is the only time we or any of our associates have seen Google explicitly saying that the Wordpress was over 2 years out of date and because of the security risk, if not updated within the next 2 weeks, the site would be banned from the index.

For the next 2 years, the code of this massive website was optimized from an average of 900 lines to around 200, the bounce rate was reduced from an average of 65% to around 12%. Improper link exchange to link farms were removed, and after doubling the online leads, a more agressive lead filtering process was instituted to have pre-qualified leads at a level they could handle. What actually happened was the pre-qualification focused the visitors sent from the search results, winding up trippling the amount of leads. In addition to viewer to lead ratio going from the industry standard of 2% to an average of 18%, placement for high valued key phrases started showing up where there was no placement in the top 500. Additionally, a customizable newsletter feed was developed for sales funneling, increasing the company's effective leads 500% during the course of the contract.

Common Sense Web Marketing A Palm Coast Marketing website company, with issues with the latest algorithm updates. We've provided print material for flyers which increased in local sales, as well as consultation and website evaluation. In a side-by-side test on similar sites, the website we created as an example yielded 3 times the visitors without provided content compared to what they were doing in the same time frame.

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Honorable mentions

Grace Tabernacle Ministries International If you are in the Palm Coast Area and looking for a small local, this is a great place to start! We manage their website and Facebook page, but it is not optimized at this point.

Clean the World Some consultation and piece work was done for this ministry who recycles soap throughout the country to send to those in need.

The Be Brave Foundation Consultation and piece work, but it's not about us, it is about spreading awareness and support to children with cancer and their families.

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