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Website Packages and Pricing

One size does NOT fit all! If you haven't done so already, please read the Website Consultant page before deciding which website package you are interested in. We want to make sure that you have the most effective website for your business.

Website Packages

We offer 3 tiers of basic website packages for you to choose from, depending on your size of business and desire for an online marketing presence on the web. All packages include a rich SEO development process that gets you search enging placement and are all mobile friendly so customers can see your website wherever they are.

BASIC Website Package

Our BASIC website package is perfect if you are just starting a new business, or need a small website to to supplement a larger online website marketing plan. This package includes from 5 to 10 richly designed and optimized pages including an introduction, products/service, deals, and more!

Starting at only *$149 you get the best return on your investment by allowing the SEO and online marketing experts at Effective CMS developing your website at a cost less than our competitors and a reach further than local advertising.

This price includes the full set up and initial website development using our proprietary content management system that has proven to get quick results, allowing you start increasing your customer base - usually within a week!

MIDSIZE Website Package

Looking for a little more than the basics? Our MIDSIZE website package lets your customers know that you are really serious about their business! With up to 50 SEO and lead optimized pages, you can spend less time on the sales floor, and more time at the register!

Our proprietary CMS and navigation system keeps your customers on your website instead of your competition - without any tricks! Customer retention is the #1 way for business growth, and although we subscribe to the KISS (Keep it simple, silly) method, sometimes less really is less. Our website design and structure allows you to have much more without overwhelming your customers.

At a price starting at only *$599, you can't beat this price - especially the return on investment that you get with Effective CMS

CORPORATE Website Package

It's not that "money is no object", but you know that you have to "spend money to make money". The CORPORATE Website Package is perfect for existing companies or start ups that have a lot to offer. For a starting price of only *$1499, we have 3 strategies for you:

Website Strategy #1 - Self Management

Looking for full control of your website and have tons of content, services, products, and images that you want to include on your website? Awesome! Effective CMS has developed a website builder platform that is easy to use and gets the results of our inhouse proprietary CMS that will get you the results where you have more control.

Website Strategy #2 - E-Commerce

Ready to have a full shopping cart store online? Sell your products directly through your website with our customized e-commerce solution. Although there are plenty off-the-shelf e-commerce programs available, none allow you to get the results of an Effective CMS website with SEO and lead generation system which has proven to increase visitors and sales exponentially!

Website Strategy #4 - Multi-site

Do you have multiple locations or products or do you want reach certain cities? Then the Multi-site option is perfect for you! Effective CMS will develop and design up to 15 BASIC websites (that's over $700 savings!) that will get you name recognition faster than one website alone! This strategy has proven to increase and specialize reach in order to help grow your business.

Website design and Development packages - Palm Coast, FL - Effective CMS

*Starting from?

We've all seen those asterisks(*) and "Starting at" or "From:" on ads before, and have to wait for the bill to find out what the "REAL" price is. As a web development and design company, we've found our clients often don't know what the added costs are, so here is the list, so you won't be surprised:

Website Startup Costs

For a new website, there are at least 2 costs that we cannot control and are necessary for your website.

Domain Registration can cost as little as $3 and go up to the thousands. Most usable domains can be purchased for around $10, and this is a per-year expense. Hosting ranges from $4/month and can go as high as a few hundred, and there are also free hosting solutions.

Although we can walk you through this process, if you choose to do this on your own, we recommend registration and hosting at GoDaddy. Their support is good, and also have great prices - hosting as low as $3.49/month on sale. There are also promo codes available to save you more money!

Maintenance Costs

In order to keep our set up costs low, and provide you the best results, we also REQUIRE a monthly service agreement for a minimum of 1 year. Although many of our past clients have had tremendous success with a one-time developed website, to stay competitive, regular updates are necessary.

The base cost for monthly maintenance is $59/month plus $1.00 per managed page. With this website maintenance service you get:

Graphic Design

You can design or provide your own images, or let our team and associates do it for you! Whether it is a logo or ad for your website or you want something for your own letterhead or outside marketing, our professional graphic designers can help your brand pop! NOTE: A basic logo, large per-page header, and up to 5 images are included in the package. Addition, customization and use of stock images are additional cost - but are not necessary for your success. Call for pricing.

Content Generation/Blogging

No one knows your business like you do, so we will help you to build your content as much as possible. However, we do have a staff of content writers to add articles to your website as well as an option to build exposure on syndicated blog sites elsewhere. Call for pricing.

Links and Social Media

We do not submit your website to link farms! Our custom strategy of building links with relative and reputable website will increase your visitors and not have you banned! This is a timely process with some good results. Pricing varies depending on how agressive you want to be, but a monthly option is available for $20/month.

Visit us Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus - You've seen it, and you want to be there. For $99 we will set up your page on up to 5 of the top social media sites online! That's where your customers are, and you should be there too! We can also manage your pages, comments, and posts on a scheduled basis, or show you how you can do it yourself! Call for pricing on social media management.

Online and offline advertising

We weren't always online! Let us design flyers and print ads for you - ads that get attention and sales. We actually have a scientific strategy that has proven to work for all types of industries. Call for print ad pricing schedules.

If you are looking to do online advertising, we can help develop and manage your ads there too! Having a great web design and SEO will get you plenty of visitors, but you can multiply those results* by online advertising with AdWords, Facebook Ads and more! Set up and maintenance is $100 per campaign, and can be on a one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

*Note: Many website companies focus solely on online advertising to get you visitors. Our focus is to get you customers, so we focus on well-placed organic results first, reducing the expense of online advertising - often to nothing. Having Effective CMS developers do both, allows quick landing pages to be created to support your ads resulting in faster, more optimized lead and sale generation.

Optional Modules

We've also have a huge library of add on modules to include on your website to help user experience. From polls, to industry specific modules. For instance, our art and graphic clients love our gallery modules, while our health and wellness want a BMI calculator.

As with everything we do, our modules are developed inhouse to make sure that they are not only functioning properly, but present well and do not negatively effect the website success.

Make sure to ask about our email and sales funnel projects

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